Pussy Posse Discussion
Topic: Where do you find erotic literature, audio stories, and videos? What are your faves?

Erotica gets the juices flowing and gives us something to fantasize about during self-pleasuring sessions. The Pussy Posse dug into this topic and came up with some titillating suggestions, as usual. So I compiled the list with links below to some of the suggested resources and specific titles.  Of course, I fell down a rabbit hole finding links and exploring. Afterward, I had to follow up with some self-pleasure.  It’s research, right? I love my job!  I hope that these links help you find your own rabbit hole that inspires some pleasure opportunities for you soon!

Erotic Literature:
Literotica.com – so much here to explore!  This link will take you right to the stories index (scroll down to see topics).
My favorite author here is Goldeniangel. She is a prolific writer and her work covers a wide variety of interests. Her professional work is published under Golden Angel. She is the author of one of my favorites, Marriage Training, but I don’t think her published version is as juicy as what was once on Literotica under this title.  Explore her stories on Literotica, as she is probably free to be more explicit than in her published work.

The Sleeping Beauty Trilolgy by Anne Rice includes the following books: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty’s Punishment, and Beauty’s Release. All can all be found on Amazon in print, audio, and Kindle versions. I just ordered the fourth book published in 2016, Beauty’s Kingdom.

Also suggested during our discussion:
Hentai (anime and manga porn) I found this website for exploration: Hentai-Foundry

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan (also a Netflix series)
The Anita Blake series (vampire) and the Merry Gentry series (fairies), both by Laurell K. Hamilton
Harlequin books

I spent some time on GoodReads and it definitely includes erotic novels. I set up an account and entered a couple of my favorite books. I could then search for suggested titles related to to content that I might like. The site doesn’t list erotica as a category on its main page, but you can certainly search for it. Golden Angel is an author that can be followed, and I’m sure others are there as well.

Of course, you can get the audio version of the print books.  There are audio stories available on Literotica as well.

Quinn is the free audio erotic stories website that I mentioned. Many audio storytellers that offer free stories here also have their own websites with free and paid offerings. Once you find a storyteller that you like, look for a website. For example The Grey Knight, recommended by one of my workshop participants, has a few free stories on Quinn: here is one, The Birthday Girl.

Dipsea is a popular paid subscription app and website for erotic audio stories.  I haven’t tried it, but thought it’s worth a mention.

Porn Video:
Visual porn for women is becoming more popular as videos are being produced that focus on what turns us on.

The free site that I shared is Bellesa. There are plenty of free shorts, but it’s easy to wander into the subscription sections so just be aware that you’ll have to learn how to navigate the free sections if you don’t want to pay. This site also sells sex toys and webcam experiences. They need to make a living too!

Erika Lust was mentioned. Her sites are definitely worth exploring! There are some free clips to view.
XConfessions – subscriptions are 50% off right now!  I think I need this!
Lust Cinema

I’ve also purchased video porn from Good Vibrations VOD, a great women-focused sex toy store in San Francisco. You can pay by the minute, per view, buy the whole movie, and even download it to your computer. They have the classics, like Behind the Green Door and films made by Candida Royale, the first female porn producer/director. I like that they offer a “Body Types” category that includes larger women.  Most of the site requires payment, but there are some free trailers.