Pussy Posse Discussion
Topic: All About Anal Pleasure

The Posse recently had an incredibly frank discussion about opening up the back door and finding pleasure. Participants shared experiences, asked questions, and offered tips. So much ground was covered, including incorporating anal into masturbation play, anal with a penis, pegging a penis-haver, and anal toys. It was one of our very best discussions!  This post includes some of the wisdom shared as well as links.

First, here are a couple of introductory articles that were posted on the Pussy Posse Facebook page before our discussion:

Anal Sex: Safety, How to’s, Tips, and More – from Teen Vogue, an excellent read!

A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Masturbation 

Plus a terrific introductory video from Nina Hartley:
So much good info packed in here, like “Butts don’t lie.” “The pleasure of anal is relaxing into the sensation” and “Butts are moody. They must be coaxed and seduced every time like cats.”


Many of us reported that we enjoy receiving anal pleasure, both during masturbation and with a partner.
Here are some general tips that were shared:

  • Lube is important! Use a lot!
    Some of us like coconut oil with anal play.