Body Positive: Love Yourself More

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Class Description:  What do you see when you look at your body in the mirror or in a photograph?  Most women and/or vulva-owners perceive more flaws than perfection, thanks to the narrow standards of beauty in today’s society. A positive body image starts in your mind, not in the mirror. Learn about the body positive movement and discover strategies that will support loving your body more exactly as you are. Through discussion questions, we will explore and share our personal experiences with our own body image. Join in the journey to love yourself more.

Resources shared in class (pink titles are links)


Beauty Redefined Blog

Five Steps to Feel Better About Your Body
Blog article at Beauty

My Body Gallery
What real women look like 


What is the Body Positive Movement?

Body Positivity or Body Obsession?  Lindsay Kit TED Talk

I Love My Body from Big Mouth series (Netflix)


How Much Do You Weigh? The Stigma-Defying Photobook by Erin S. Nieto

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