The Joy of Toys: How to Choose a Sex Toy 101
Links to Resources that I Recommend from Presentation

This post includes links to toys and resources mentioned in the Joy of Toys class.


Dangerous Lily’s “The Big Lube Guide” – Everything that you would ever want to know about lube, and more!

If you’re looking for a lube other than a natural oil (coconut, almond, olive)
these are brands that I know and trust:

They have many products, both water=based and hybrid. I’m not sure that they have a pure silicone product. Sliquid H2O is water-based and Sliquid Silk is a silicone blend.
You can find Sliquid on Amazon and sex toy stores.

I also recommend the Please brand of lube, available only through Good Vibrations (I think it’s their own store brand)
Please Gel = water-based
Please Cream = hybrid
Please Silicone = silicone

Vibrators: All below are rumbly

Wand Style –

The Magic Wand Rechargeable – best Magic Wand, if in your budget
The Magic Wand Plus (must be plugged in to use but cord is removable; has additional settings that aren’t available on corded version)
The Original Magic Wand – corded, two speeds
Important Note: There are many imitations of the Magic Wand and it can be very hard to be sure that you are buying an authentic one. If you buy from a reputable store, like Good Vibrations or The Pleasure Chest, you’ll be sure to have the real thing.  Here is a link to authorized sellers.

Mystic Wand – the little sister of the Magic Wand, uses 4 AA batteries, lighter in weight than Magic Wand and still does the job, fits easier between bodies for use with a partner.

Clitoral –

The Eroscillator – there are different price points, depending on the number of attachments. Get one that has the white “marshmallow” tip (ultra soft finger tip); this vibrator is especially good if your clitoris is too sensitive for most other vibrators. Good Vibrations and Pleasure Chest usually sell the Eroscillator, but it’s not in stock there now.

Volta – versatile and good for penises too; here’s a video with tips for use; note – I do not recommend the small Volta – it’s buzzy!

The Womanizer – there are different styles and price points; you’ll find other brands that may work as well


Betty’s Barbell – designed by Betty Dodson and used in Bodysex Workshops; sold at Betty Dodson Designs store on Etsy but not currently in stock.

Njoy Pure Wand

Toy Manufacturers that I like:

Vibratex (maker of the Magic Wand and Mystic Wand; I do not recommend the Rabbit Habit)
Magic Wand Original website Beware, there are imitation websites too!

Fun Factory

Njoy Toys


Liberator – they have high density foam sex furniture, wedges, and pillows to hold a vibrator; they also sell quality sex toys

Stores I Recommend:

Good Vibrations
One of the first stores focused on selling to women. Their home store is in San Francisco.

The Pleasure Chest

I haven’t purchased from them personally, but I’ve read a lot of good things about Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis. They have an online store.

The Stockroom – if you’re looking for kinky and BDSM toys; they sell regular sex toys too

Bloggers who review Sex Toys:

Hey Epiphora:
When I’m looking for a new toy, I always check Epiphora’s  “All Time Faves” list and “best and worst” lists by year; I also check her review of any toys that I’m considering to buy. She also gives some tips on how to use toys. She also has some great informational posts.

Dangerous Lily:

Includes lots of toy reviews and reference guides. She also has “best of” toy lists. I also check this website when I’m considering a new toy.

Joan Price:

Joan Price, an advocate for senior sex, includes sex toy reviews among her blog posts. She reviews toys from the perspective of an older consumer.