Enjoying Sex as We Age

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Description:  Do you find sex to be more challenging as you’ve grown older? Intimacy and sexual activity are important for a positive well-being at every age. While physical changes may create some obstacles, it’s possible to enjoy sexual activity with a partner or alone well into old age. Expand the possibilities and pick up some tips to enhance your sex life as you grow older. We’re never too old to enjoy sensual pleasure.

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Want to know more?  These books are highly recommended 


Joan Price:
Blog – Naked at Our Age:  Sex & Aging Views & News
Joan’s Sex Toy Reviews

Betty Dodson
Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross:  Better Orgasms, Better World

Link to Betty’s Barbell for sale on Amazon   
It’s the real thing, no worries!


Clips from these videos were included in the workshop.  Watch the entire videos below:

Betty Dodson:  Orgasms at 90

Joan Price: Naked at Our Age

Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Vibrator Demo

Online Shopping for Toys and Accessories:

Good Vibrations

Pleasure Chest

The Stockroom (BDSM and Kink)

Liberator (furniture, accessories, and toys)